End User

Can indoware products be shipped outside of Indonesia and Malaysia?

Yes. When checking out the customer will be asked to fill in the data. Afterward, the admin will contact the consumer to confirm the order.

What are the terms and conditions for claiming Indoware product warranties?

As long as the product is not damaged due to consumer negligence such as breaking whether                    falling from the table or accidentally slammed, then warranty products can be claimed. Please visit us!

What banks collaborate with Indoware?

For consumers in Indonesia, payments can be made by bank transfer to Mandiri, BCA, and CIMB. Whereas consumers in Malaysia can use a credit card.

Where should I contact Indoware if there are problems with the product?

Telepon : 021-(8938-4144 )
Email : [email protected]
Addrress : Ruko Rodeo Drive Hollywod Boulevard Blok B6 no-15-16 Bekasi- jawa barat Indonesa 17530


What if we reach the marketing target?

Resellers will certainly get bonuses in the form of domestic/overseas trips, additional discounts, and product bonuses.

How do you become a reseller of Indoware products?

Please fill in the data at www.indoware.co.id/en/reseller/

What are the benefits of being an indoware reseller?

 Certainly lower prices, free shipping, and automatically participate in the reseller reward program.

What are the conditions for Indoware resellers?

  • Make sure if you are a citizen/foreigner
  • Have a National Identity Card (KTP)
  • Obligatory NPWP for Business Entities
  • Willing to purchase a minimum Bronze Reseller Package
  • Willing to Follow Marketing Training